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   Guangdong Vanward New Electric Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 , her headquarter is located in Shunde High-Tech Industry Development Zone . She is a leading manufacturer of gas appliance in China ,she is also an initiator and propellant of Chinese Gas Appliances development and The Chinese Hardware Product Association Fuel gas Apparatus Branch third session of director unit .In recent years, Vanward still grew fast when market was going down continuously three years and became the profession development range pole . In year 2008, Chinese Former Premier Wen Jia Bao and Guangdong provincial party committee secretary Wang Yang visit Vanward

Vanward set up a brand positioning of “gas appliances expert”. The main products of Vanward are gas appliances such as Gas Water Heater, Gas Stove, Gas Boiler, Gas BBQ, Gas air-conditioner. She produces electric water heater and other kitchen appliance as well, such as sterilizer, cooker hood, oven, etc. Vanward also produces new energy product such as solar water heater, heat pump water heater and water integrated energy system such as air-heatpump plus gas, solar plus gas, electric plus gas. Vanward has 6 manufacturing bases, Gaoli, Shunde; Hongqi, Shunde; Zhongshang; Yanghe, Gaoming; Genghe, Gaoming and Changfeng, Heifei, with the annual production capacity of 15 million pieces.

Technical creation is the soul that leads Vanward to develop. Vanwar fills the domestic technical blank many times, leads China the gas appliances industry entering new age. Vanward developed the first forced exhaust and air-supply type water heater, the first condensing water heater and the water integrated energy system. Vanward also takes part in the work making the Chinese Standard for gas water heater, gas cooking appliances and sterilizer. Vanward gained more than 100 patents for gas water heater, gas stove, sterilizer, cooker hood, electric water heater etc. Guangdong provincial enterprise technology center and Guangdong environmental protection gas appliances technology development center and gas appliances technology development center which established by local government, universities and Vanward are have their workstations in Vanward, it provides strong technology support to Vanward

Till now, Vanward has gained many outstanding honors: Vanward is “China light industry advanced group” in gas appliances field, also she is the “ China Space Partner”, her five types products are “'China Space Exclusive Product'”, four types products are 'China Top Brand” and Vanward is the “China top brand”. Vanward holds the largest market share for continuous 10 years in gas water heater, and has kept top two for more than 10 years in sterilizing cupboard industry in the domestic market. The market shares of gas stove, oven, range hood, electric water heater are at the forefront of industry.

Forecasting the future, Vanward sets up a goal as ' China Gas Appliances Leader, Worldwide Gas Appliances Manufacturing Center' and 'Worldwide Gas Appliance Brand'.